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 ARTful Class Details:

It is a joy to see students at ARTful U delight in the creative process as we meet together weekly in a fun and encouraging environment. A variety of media and techniques will be explored including watercolors, oil and soft pastels, acrylic painting, collage, and air-dry clay and other sculpture making materials. 

Each year the students will learn visual art foundations and compile an art notebook from a variety of art curriculum. The notebook will include handouts about artists, art vocabulary, brief art history lessons and Art @ Home prompts to get them excited about drawing in their sketchbooks.


As students engage in drawing lessons, painting, printmaking and sculpture their observational skills and creative thinking skills will grow along with their confidence as makers! Inspiration will come from many areas: from artists of the past and present; field trips to art exhibits at the Frist Art Museum; student's own imagination and from God's amazing Creation! 

The ARTful U program is set so that students circulate through several years of skill building art projects that I have spent years refining.
certain focus for each age group:

  • (Younger) ARTful U 1 - students (ages 7 to 11) will be introduced to the elements of art as they travel through time (art history) and around the world (art from different places and cultures).


  • (Older) ARTful U 2students (ages 11 to 15) will learn about how the principles of design help organize and harmonize the art elements to form more unique and expressive artistic compositions. Students practice advanced art techniques and learn about art movements from a Biblical worldview perspective.

As students grow and delight in exploring the world of art and their gift of imagination and creativity - my hope is that they will be drawn to their

Creator God and be in awe of Him and His amazing Creation! God's beauty, goodness and truth have been revealed and made visible to us all. As His Image Bearers, I believe we can creatively share this Good News through our art making and reflect His love and His glory to others.

- Mrs. Celia


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